Custody & Access

When a relationship or a marriage breaks, parties with children are often faced with three major issues concerning the children.

  1. Who will make the major issues concerning the children?
  2. With which parent will the children live?
  3. If there is a primary residence for the children and they are not in a shared parenting regime between the parties, what will the access to the “non-custodial” parent look like?

The law with respect to these issues considers only one principal – “the best interest of the children”.

Our legal team has extensive experience in dealing with issues concerning Parenting of children. More specifically we have successfully addressed issues concerning:

  • Decision making about the children in relation to all or specific issues;
  • Primary residential care of the children;
  • Shared parenting and split parenting;
  • Wishes of the children;
  • Appropriate access schedules;
  • Mobility with a child to a different city, province or country;

We encourage you to contact our Legal Team at your earliest convenience to educate yourself about your various options. Delay or inaction may greatly harm your chances of successfully reaching your goal on this issue.

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Family Law Case Review

Parental Alienation and Appeals

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Appeals and Custody Orders